• Yeei is an advertising platform that allows brands and products to get involved into the conversations of the social media users. Yeei incentives the “Word of Mouth” of a brand as well as a product
  • Yeei is an advertising channel that connects the advertisers with many people that wants to capitalize their reach, activity and influence and convert them into profits
Do you want people to talk about your brand in the different social media channels?
Advertising you product or brand at Yeei is simple
Create an add
  • Purchase as many clicks as you want for the campaign at Yeei
  • Define the conditions of the add
  • Activate the campaign
Social media users become promoters at Yeei and they share the advertisings on their social media channels
Promoter followers click on the adds and they are redirected to the advertisers landing pages.
Yeei pais promoters for each valid click they obtain.
Yeei will send you the report of the campaign so you can examine the conversions of your campaigns
Yeei is social advertising, Yeei incentives social media users to talk about brand and products.
Traditional advertisement
Social advertisement at Yeei
Yeei is and advertising platform that converts every regular social media user into an advertising channel.
Examples of Yeei promotions in Social Networks Anterior
To this day Yeei has264.636Social media Users ready to share your message, brand or product.

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To this day, our total reach is approximately956.965.581Users from all around Latin America

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